Cappawhite N.S. Healthy Eating Policy

In line with our aim of promoting healthy eating in our school, we have developed a ‘Healthy School Lunch Policy’.


The H.S.E.  Healthy Lunch Project Evaluation states that ‘the school setting is deemed to be one of the most effective and efficient ways to reach large populations, including young people, school personnel, families and community members’.

Our SPHE policy promotes healthy living and healthy lifestyles. Nutrition forms a significant portion of a healthy lifestyle. The school is committed to promoting healthy eating through enabling the pupils to achieve formal SPHE objectives. The school acknowledges that the school lunch is a means by which healthy eating may be practised.



Recommended for lunches

Typically, a healthy lunch is one that only contains items from the following four categories;

Not allowed for lunches (Treat items only)

Following advice from the dentist in the Health Promotion Unit, sweets, lollipops and fizzy drinks are not allowed on any day.

School Policy

Monday to Thursday: Lunches from the healthy list of foods only.

Friday is treat day: Lunches from the healthy list with one treat item. This means that one small treat can be selected from crisps, biscuits, or chocolate biscuit bars.

This policy will be integrated with other subject areas such as S.P.H.E. and we ask that parents and pupils co-operate with this policy.

Packaging – Green Schools

In line with the school's effort to make children environmentally aware and to reduce waste, we guide them to try cutting down on needless packaging through selecting products with little packaging and using a lunch box to contain their lunch. Pupils are asked to take home lunch litter.

This policy was ratified by the Board of Management on


Signed: ________________________

Chairperson Board of Management

and will come into effect in October 2020